Jim Corbett Park Jungle Safari: The Spot to Make Your Vacation Memorable

Are you excited to go on a relaxing and amusing tour? Jungle safari welcomes you to come and enjoy. But before you visit have a quick view at the options that are available for you to make your tour memorable and fun filled. The only National Park that also offers the facility of Night Stay.

About Corbett Park

The place for those who love to explore the natural habitat. Jim Corbett National Park is a tourist attraction that has a wide range of animals and natural vegetation.  The Park was established in 1936 and was named after a hunter called Jim Corbett. The National Park is one of the oldest parks located in Uttrakhand. The Corbett Tiger Reserve covers 1288 square kilometers and is divided into two areas: the core area, which covers 520 square kilometers and includes the Jim Corbett Park Jungle Safari, and the buffer area, which covers 308 square kilometers and includes reserve forests as well as the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Entry Gates

The Corbett National Park has 5 tourist entry gates, which are quite similar to each other still each gate has its own uniques which allows you to see a tiger in one zone owing to the presence of a water body, you might get a wonderful glimpse of a herd of elephants in the other zone due to marshlands. The best part of each entry gate is that it allows you to have a better view of the flora and fauna.

Dhikala Forest Lodge

Dhikala forest lodge is one that is hundred years old and was built during the time of Britishers. Since the National Park is the only one in India that offers the night stay facility, the old rest house is the place. This is quite famous among the tourists , it offers very basic facilities and gives you the pleasure to spend a night in the beautiful Flora and Fauna.  You can also enjoy the food, which is quite delicious. You can make the bookings of the room online.

Night Stay Facilities

At the Sonanadi Tourism Zone, lodging is provided in Dhikala, Sarapduli, Gairal, Sultan, Bijrani, Malani, Jhirna, Dhela, Halduparao, Kanda, and Lohachaur. There are double beds in every room, as well as basic facilities. Visitors who want to remain inside the forest can stay in a twelve-bed dormitory at Dhikala or an eight-bed dormitory at Gairal.

Way to Reach the Jim Corbett Park Jungle Safari

Ramnagar is the easiest way to get to the Jim Corbett Safari Package, which is where CTR’s headquarters are located. This little city is well connected to larger Indian cities such as Delhi, Moradabad, Nainital, and Bareilly by road and rail. It takes about half an hour to drive from Ramnagar to Corbett National Park. Ramnagar railway station is around 15 kilometers from the park. You can travel to the place by taking Road or Air service, or By Train.

Activities to do at Jim Corbett

 The Jim Corbett Park Jungle Safari Price offers you various activities that can make your visit more memorable. Some of them are :

  • Jeep  Jungle Safari
  • Elephant Ride
  • Dhikala Canter Safari
  • Watchtowers and Machans
  • Wildlife Movie Show
  • Library Facilities
  • Corbett Museum
  • Bird watching
  • Interpretation Center

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