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Adventure Trip on A Jim Corbett park jungle safari booking

Jim Corbett National Park Vacation

Explore, excitement, and energetic travel are the 3 Es you can muster up in a national park holiday. The national park comes with residential homestays and hotels. The 520 kilometres square area allows you to explore and reside within the boundaries.

Vacation activities are present with accessibility from the homestays. Food and lodging are conveniently distributed for the adventured craved vacationers. 

Safari Activities in The National Park

No national park experience is complete without a safari. Jim Corbett park jungle safari booking will let you obtain the safari rides. Jim Corbett park safari booking is inclusive of different rides of your choice. Safari allows you to witness distinguished sights of birds and animals. 

  • Jim Corbett Park elephant safari ride is for the adventurous spirit. Jim Corbett park elephant safaribooking online can enable you the access ahead of time. Online bookings are convenient and can be decided accordingly. The cost is Rs. 3500 per elephant with a capacity of 4 people.
  • Jeep safari is available for Rs. 4500 per jeep with a capacity of 6 people. It is an open jeep and you can indulge in the safari experience fully.
  • Canter safari is for Rs.1500 per person. The canter ride can hold upto16 people.

You can expect rare sightings if you are patient and lucky. The safari rides follow a timing of morning schedule and another one in the late afternoon to evening.   

Summers and Winters Vacation Spot

Jim Corbett Park activities are designated depending on the seasons. Nonetheless, the likes of safari are accessible throughout the year. So, you can make plans for a hot summer holiday or pack your bags for a winter experience. Your adventure can include bird-watching, witnessing grasslands, and more plant variety. Any vacationer can book the desired tour packages online easily.

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