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A Stay and Visit to Jim Corbett National Park

Getting Involved in with Nature

Staying in a nature-filled rest house as part of a vacation is an image to remember. People love to visit beautiful architectural cities as a vacation. Tropical beaches are also a favourite among travellers.

Now, a combination of adventure and nature is a goal. The Jim Corbett National Park is a destination with adventure. A sight best offered by mother nature. What you can expect to find in the national park is the scenic beauty, wildlife, inclusive of birds and plants.    

Booking is an Easy Process for Travellers

Jim Corbett Park packages are made for a more convenient approach to the trip. These packages involve many activities along with the stay. However, there is freedom for customisation. You need not necessarily book any activity besides the homestay. But what is the point of visiting a national park if no indulgence in the wildlife experience?

Jim Corbett Park safari booking will give you just that. It involves all kinds of safari access. 

How to Visit the National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is located in the Northern part of India. The national park resides in the state of Uttarakhand. You can expect a direct visit to the region via nearby cities as well. A town called Ramnagar is a 15-kilometre distance from the national park. Road travel is a possible route to Jim Corbett Park. Jim Corbett Park packages include the homestay choice and different area zones to choose from.

The national park has different zones that possess different gates for entry. You can navigate through the zones and pick your rest house. 

The Safari Rides to Enjoy

When you think of a vacation, does it always have to be a beach? Well, not necessarily. Safaris are a preferred vacation activity for the adventurous spirit. If you are from India, it is expensive and difficult to find a safari vacation to a foreign country. Instead of travelling abroad, you can find yourself navigating in the country itself.

As popular as the park goes, the safaris are no different. Jim Corbett Park safari booking will include the Jim Corbett Park Elephant Safari as well as the vehicle rides. Jim Corbett Park jungle safari booking also allows you to experience the majestic wildlife sight.

Jim Corbett Park Jeep Safari

The jeep safari is a safari ride given to witness the wildlife around the parking area. You can witness many wild cats including leopard. There are also different deer to witness in the safari. Other unexpected wildlife animals like mongoose, Indian pangolins, and Himalayan black bears are sights that you will savor. The jeep can fit about 6 people.

Jim Corbett Travels timings provided for the jeep safari are from morning 5:30 am to 9:30 AM. The evening schedule can start from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

The price for the jeep safari is Rs. 4500 for the whole vehicle. This can be quite beneficial if you are with friends or family. A single traveller can opt for sharing with other vacationers in the park.

Jim Corbett Park Canter Safari 

The canter safari ride is a vehicle ride given as an adventure for wildlife sight. There will be animals, birds, and plants that might not have been witnessed by the vacationer before. Besides the excitement of seeing the majestic animals in the park, there are natural aspects that one can appreciate.

Do you enjoy any aesthetic natural surroundings? Well, then the ride will do you good. The bamboos and shrubs also magnify the beauty of the national park.  

The schedule provided for the canter safari is from 5:30 AM till 11:30 AM before the afternoon. The evening time routine given is from 1:00 PM to evening 6:00 PM.

The price for the canter safari ride comes at Rs. 1500 per person which is lesser than an elephant ride.  The experience is also different and it can hold more passengers.

Jim Corbett Park Elephant Safari

The elephant safari is a ride that can be attempted by many amateurs and adventurous personnel. A family with kids can jump aboard on this safari ride. What you need to know about the ride is that the safari can hold up to 4 riders on the elephant.

 There are also timings available that you can follow. The morning ride is from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM. The evening ride is from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Besides, the schedule of the price for the safari ride might be of importance. It is for Rs. 3500 per rider.  

Get to Experience it

The experience with the Jim Corbett Park jungle safari booking is no less of entertainment. The Jim Corbett Park Jeep safari and the Jim Corbett Park Canter safari are nothing short of excitement. These are a perfect combination of adventure and historic discovery. Besides the safari rides, there are also perks like food and lodging. Good musical performances are also an occurrence that comes with the vacationing package.  

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