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Fun in a Historic Location

A national park for vacation does not sound so bad, does it? Why is it so?

Well, you can blame the curiosity in us. A historic place can raise questions and discussions among friends. The group of families planning for a trip is no different. Now, to visit the national park as a vacationing spot you have to make sure bookings are in order. Jim Corbett Park packages are different sets of booking preferences given to tourists.

Get to Booking

For the Jim Corbett Park jungle safari booking, the online navigation is a piece of cake. You can book by entering the name, email id, and phone number for contact. Besides the personal details, there is a slot to put your date of arrival. Hence, you can decide and finalise the date for booking. If there are further necessities you can also mention them in the slot provided. 

Jim Corbett Travels You can book for the jungle experience. You can indulge in Jim Corbett Park jeep safari and the elephant safari as well. The national park has an abundance of bird species. If you are an avid bird watcher, the sight will be a treat.  Jim Corbett Park jungle safari booking will open new doors to your adventurous side. 

Wandering and Findings in the National Park

 A patient observer observes the best. Jim Corbett Travels Park has a large bamboo forest. You can expect the landscape to have Sal trees, Sissoo trees, and Khair trees. These are a sight that cannot be missed since it has quite an abundant filling in the park. The tourists can also expect good flowering trees in sight. All trees are not natural inhabitants of the national park. Some have been planted for more greenery.

The tourists have the luxury to come across about 600 overall species of plants here. These include different types of herbs and bamboos, trees, climbers, ferns, shrubs, and grass. There are also rivers along the Jim Corbett Travels national park that provides a balance to the wildlife.

Wildlife in the park can be witnessed through safari rides. Animals like Sloth, Hog Deer, Asiatic Black Bear, Royal Bengal Tiger, are but a few of the many that inhabit here. Bird species are also diverse in themselves. There are more than 500 species. White-backed vulture, the Great pied hornbill, Pallas fish eagle, and Orange-breasted green pigeon is a majestic sight to come across.    

What is the Jim Corbett Park elephant safari?

You might be wondering how the elephant safari ride works. The safari experience can opt with the Jim Corbett Park safari booking. This booking will provide you with options to confirm your ride. This ride is a safari that will take you to see the habitat wildlife around the national park. By mounting on the elephant, you can experience the sight from a good height.

All of us vacationers love to think about animal rides, and this will give the satisfaction.

  • The elephant safari has mandated timings to follow as a routine.
  • The price can be expected to start from Rs. 3500 onwards.
  • This price is for the single elephant ride.
  • This single ride can include 4 people.
  • The ride is in the Sitabani and Dhikala zone in the park.
  • Morning timings are 6:00 – 8:00 AM. The evening schedule starts from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM. 
  • For the Jim Corbett Park elephant safari, the price remains similar for both foreigners and Indian nationals.
  • Make sure that you book the stay at Dhikala or Bijrani to avail this safari.

Check out the Jim Corbett Park Jeep Safari

The jeep safari is a ride provided to tourists for an experience filled with wildlife. You can expect to cross paths with animals in their natural resting habitats. Birds can surround the tour yet some might be harder to locate. You can ride and come across the vegetation that fills the park. 

  1. Initially, there is a booking requirement to avail of the safari.
  2. It will require filling in your name, your contact details, and the date of arrival.
  3. You can mention the number of adults and children for the trip.
  4. If there is an additional requirement, you can put in the request as well.
  5. The cost for the ride is per jeep basis. It will cost you Rs. 4500.
  6. This cost will be inclusive of the entire jeep and it can hold 6 people. So, a group of friends or family can opt for it.
  7. The timings to be followed are 5:30 AM to 9:30 AM morning. The evening schedule runs from 2:00 Pm to 6:00 PM.
  8. Locations where the jeep safari can be opted for are Dhela, Sitabani, Durgadevi, Bijrani, and Jhirna.
  9. Foreign personnel have to pay Rs. 7000 per jeep basis for the safari.

Jim Corbett Travels All these rides are included in the Jim Corbett Park safari booking. Jim Corbett Park packages also come in handy for opting out of less desired activity. Lodging and food can of curse be a priority to some visitors. You can always pay for what you want most. Experience and sighting the flora and fauna that spread out in the national park is the best outcome.

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